Gapesie has various destination spots available for tourists to enjoy and hang on. Marina Carleton is one such destination offered by us. Water based tourism is popular these days, as people, especially children enjoying playing in water and love to experience the thrill of water based games. We offer a protected water area in the bay with some of the beautiful beaches in the world. We have established water based recreational spot to enjoy with your family and friends. We provide recreational water sports activities to be `enjoyed by your family during their vacation.

Lots of recreation and activities related to water sports keeps people engaged throughout their vacation. It is one of the exciting water sports destinations. We also offer some of the daring water sports activities in our tourist spot. Children and even adults can visit our water based tourist spot and enjoy their vacation. We would definitely offer our best services for a get together with family and friends.

We offer excellent resort facilities to all the tourists who visit the water tourist destination of Marina Carleton. The resort looks magical as it is situated beside the breathtaking beaches. The place looks enchanting with a beautiful scenic view around the resort. We provide our guests with affordable accommodation facilities, tasty food, and recreational activities. We truly value our customers by offering the best facilities in our resorts. This makes our tourist spot one of the famous water based tourist destination in the world.

It is a perfect place for tourists to relax and get recharged during their vacation. It is one of the best water tourist hubs in the world attracting visitors from all over the world. Come and be a part of our destination to make your vacation memorable.

We take an active part in organizing various music festivals, sports competition, etc. on the beach. People just gather around and enjoy a celebratory spirit. Recreation and services related to water sports are offered to our tourists. We just want all our customers to enjoy and experience the adventure of the water sports games offered by us.

Are you looking for water based tourism, sport, leisure, and recreation destination spot at Gapesie? We offer the best water based tourism in the world. We also provide boating facilities for the tourists in our well-maintained boats. You can also experience the thrill of various water sports activities like waterskiing, jet skiing, parasailing and lot more. All these games would definitely be a perfect enjoyment for your kids who love to play adventurous water games.

Safety of our tourists is our primary concern. So we have employed trained swimmers who can assist you and help you out while playing certain adventurous water games. It will be an enjoyable trip to our tourists if they try out the various water sports activities offered by us. We also offer various other water activities like surfing, swimming, diving, sailing, and fishing.

Everyone can enjoy these water activities as they are available at an affordable cost.

Various other sights & activities can be enjoyed around Marina Carleton. You can also visit various other sightseeing places in and around Gapesie. A visit to our water destination spot would definitely be a memorable experience to be cherished for years. Do not wait just plan for your next vacation with us.