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Are You Ready For Some Extreme Water Sports?

Water Sports

Activity, Adrenaline, Adventure!

Adventurous people are of two kinds: the ones who like lazing around near the pool or near a calm beach, watching the charming sunset and calling it a day. AND, the ones who like to take things overboard and feel the adrenaline coursing through their bodies. 

Which one are you? If you are of the second category, extreme water sports might just be your thing.  Designed to bring an experience that combines thrill and danger and fearlessness, these activities are strictly for those who can swim and have an affinity for water. 

The list of water activities is a long one. But the extreme water sports we are discussing in this article are in a league of their own, in terms of the danger and thrill quotient. 

Taking “Extreme” To A New Level

Cavern Diving

Cavern Diving is the most intense form of diving with gear. To do cavern diving, you will require proper scuba equipment in specialized configurations. A cavern is typically the open area of a cave where sunlight penetrates. 

There are some rules that need to be diligently followed with cavern diving:

  • Divers must be accompanied by a certified cavern guide.
  • Divers must use full cave equipment configuration including double oxygen tanks.
  • Only 4 divers are allowed with one guide.
  • Divers should dive in a single file behind the guide. 

Points to remember:

  • Cavern diving is strictly a daytime endeavour.
  • Divers must have sufficient breathing gas to make the return journey. 
  • Previous training and experience is vital to have a safe cavern dive. 
  • There is an ever-present danger of reduced visibility in the water due to sand, mud, clay or silt.

Shark Diving 

Shark Diving is, without doubt, the most extreme of all extreme water sports. In some countries, divers stay inside a steel cage that is suspended from a boat into the water. The divers get the thrill of watching the sharks swim around the cage. 

But there are some diving centres in South Africa, the Bahamas, Florida, and Hawaii,  who take things a notch further. Divers get right into the water without any protective cages. You get to swim WITH the sharks in their turf. That is what makes this the most extreme sport, because the danger and thrill quotient are amped up.

This sport is also known by other names like “Cage-free shark diving”, and Shark Snorkeling. Whatever the name, it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Extreme Sports On The Surface Of Water

Water SkatingOn The Surface Of WaterSurfing

If you are not intimidated by the size and roar of gigantic waves that come rushing at you at breakneck speed, then surfing is the sport for you. 

It is one of the most difficult water sports to indulge in. One has to be extremely fit and has to have years of training and experience. Conquering the waves gives a real kick and most trainees come back wanting more in spite of the danger involved. 

This sport has its own package of dangers:

  • Getting knocked down by the waves.
  • Possibility of drowning.
  • Shark infested waters
  • Presence of jellyfish and stingrays in the water.

But don’t let any of this deter you from taking up surfing. 

White water rafting

If the waves and the depths of the ocean give water sports a new level of thrill, the mighty rivers can also pack a punch. A river full of rocks, boulders, unpredictable currents, etc can make the sport exciting, challenging and dangerous. 

In white water rafting, an inflatable boat is maneuvered by a team of people who take it along known routes in the river. What is not known is the current and speed of water in various seasons. Even if that can be gauged, there is no saying how the river will throw you around once you are at her mercy. 

But that is what makes this sport exciting as riders paddle through the frothing rapids of a guzzling river. 

Make your choice and get going! 

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