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How To Practice Water Sports Safety?

Water Sports

How To Make Water Sports Fun And Safe

Water sports safety is essential because it helps save lives. Here are some basic safety tips for all:

  • Always have a life jacket on no matter which water activity you do. The best option is a Type III vest jacket that hugs the body but doesn’t hinder movement. 
  • There has to be a designated spotter on the boat. Their only job is to keep a check on the person doing the water sport and communicate any needs to the driver.
  • Always learn hand signals used in water activities and make sure they match with those of the spotter. 

Water Sports Safety Tips For The Driver

It is the driver’s responsibility to keep all the people on the boat or water safe. Here are some tips for the driver:

  • Because other boats share the same water space, always maintain a safe distance from them, any other obstacles in the water and the shoreline. 
  • It is the spotter’s job to keep track of what is happening in the water behind. Yours is to focus ahead and maintain a safe path.
  • As you make way towards a downed skier, make sure that they remain on the driver’s side. It guarantees that you don’t lose sight of them. 
  • Make certain that the engine is off when a person is gearing up on the swim platform, or reboarding, or slipping into the water. 
  • Follow these speed limits while performing water sports:
    • Wake surfing: 11 to 12 mph
    • Water skiing: 25 to 36 mph
    • Wakeboarding: 18 to 22 mph

While skiing needs an aggressive increase in speed, pull boarding requires a gradual start. This is especially true when the rider is large.

  • Never drive a boat for water sports if you have imbibed drugs or alcohol. 

 Safety Tips For Wake Surfing

One of the popular water sports is wake surfing, which occurs in proximity to the back of the boat. Wake surfing necessitates these safety tips:

  • Always keep a tow rope on the boat that is specific to wake surfing. Such ropes keep the surfer in the sweet sport as their length is short. Moreover, they have a small handle which ensures that the rope doesn’t get tangled in case the surfer falls. 
  • Do not wrap the slackline on your arm or hand when you manoeuvre the board onto the wave pocket. 
  • Be respectful of any other boats around you and the properties on the waterfront.

The last tip for wake surfing is essential because when you are surfing the waves, the boat creates are bigger than usual. If you get close to a property on the shore or another boat, it can lead to significant damage!

These were the essential water sports safety tips everyone should follow to have a fun and safe overall experience!

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