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Popular Destination For Water Sports

Water Sports

Adventurous Water Sports

Water sports offer a high adrenaline rush which excites many. Adventure enthusiasts love to get together to indulge in challenging and exciting water sports. There are many places that offer water sports activities to attract adventurers. People throng the beaches of Phuket and Goa to relax and have fun with all the water sports. Some activities require formal training while others can be indulged directly. Each destination offers a variety of water sports that can keep you busy all day or more than that. Let’s discuss some of the popular destinations for water sports. 

Top Destinations For Water Sports 

Phuket and Koh Samui are two top destinations for water sports in Thailand. The beautiful, scenic beaches with crystal clear water offer myriads of activities for the adventurers while you admire the beautiful nation. The two destinations are considered the gem of Thailand. Jet skiing and surf boarding is available in both the places. You get a thrilling experience as you ride through the waves in a jet scooter. Phuket is the world’s best surfing destination with surf boarding spots available from Phuket to Kata Yai. There are a number of kiteboarding spots in Koh Samui. Snorkelling, scuba diving and parasailing are some of the other interesting water sports activities available here. The best season to visit this nation is from November to March. 

Port Louis is in the stunning island nation of Mauritius. The beautiful nation is filled with pristine beaches, colorful lagoon, and stunning reefs. The rocks and cliffs in this gorgeous place offer perfect ambience for adventurous water sports. The exotic and colourful marine life can be explored through deep sea fishing. Sea kayaking is also another exciting activity available in this region. Another adventurous activity is swimming with the dolphins. There are several companies that offer this unique activity.  The best season to visit this place is May to October. 

Brisbane is one of the best destinations for water sports in the world. Located in Australia, it is an ideal spot for water sports. The vast blue skies, glistening sea waters and warm sunshine offer plenty of opportunities for the adventure enthusiasts. It is the top destination in the world for surfing. The marvellous aquatic life can be explored through scuba diving. Paddle boarding is another popular activity here. Brisbane offers other several memorable water sports like swimming, boating, dolphin spotting and cruise rides. The best season will be January to February. 

Indian Destination For Water Sports

Goa is one among the top destinations for water sports in India and the world. The beach state of India has a laid back and scenic atmosphere with adventurous water sports available in plenty. There are activities like surfing, flyboarding, knee boarding, jet skiing, banana boat ride, parasailing, and speed boat ride. Calangute, Baga, Candolim and Mobor are famous beaches that have most of the water sports activities. Scuba diving, dinghy sailing, fishing and kayaking are other interesting water sports available here. A rafting in the Mhadei river is another exciting attraction in this beach state. 

The emerald islands of Andaman offer the most beautiful destination for water sports in India. It is actually ranked best among the world. The azure waters, paradise beaches, colorful aquatic lives make it a great destination for water sports enthusiasts. Scuba diving and snorkelling lets you explore marine life. The place has several institutes that offer training for scuba diving. Corruption rock, Bala reef and snake island are exciting spots for diving. Sailing, parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and water skiing are other activities. Swimming, undersea walking, fishing, glass bottom boat ride, and banana boat ride are other exciting features. Other than the monsoon season, the place is open all through the year.

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