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Enjoying Water Sports – Fun And Exciting

Water Sports

Different Types Of Water Sports

Water sports is any form of sports that is played in and around water. Practicing sports is really good for the mind and body. It can keep you fit and strong along with keeping your competitive spirits high. Every child should be introduced to sports of some form. Positive attitude is one thing you will gain from being an active sports person. Water sports can be both fun and challenging. Variety of styles and different techniques are available in each form of water sports. 

Swimming is the commonest form of water sports and there are various techniques and styles when it comes to a competitive event. Similarly, there are several water sports that are played all over the world. Some water sports are played in a certain region. For example, dragon boat racing is played in China and VallamKali is played in Kerala, India. Water sports are played solo, in groups or as different teams. Even fishing can be a part of sport when combined with diving and snorkelling. Spearfishing is a sport that involves hunting fishes using a spear while swimming, diving or snorkelling. It combines the thrill of hunting with sports. 

A Few Popular Water Sports

Parasailing is an exciting and adventurous water sport that uses a boat to tow a person who is attached to a parasail wing. A parasail wing is a specially designed canopy wing for the purpose of parasailing. The boat’s speed lifts the parasail along with the person. If the boat is powerful, it can lift two to three people. The parasailer will have no control over the entire process. Rafting is paddling through a river in a raft. It involves a group of people who need to work together to navigate the raft down the river. At times, you need to let the raft drift to get through low tides. You need the help of a trainer or guide to help you throughout the journey. 

Yachting is mostly a recreational activity where you use a motorboat or sailboat to sail through the sea. Most yachts are big enough to have a cabin. There are yachts that are small to hold just dinghies instead of cabins. Yachts are mostly privately owned. Kayaking is another exciting water sport that uses a kayak to move across water. It is different from a canoe. The paddlers sit right in the middle of a closed deck boat and row it using a single paddle with blades. Recently, inflatable and sit on top kayaks are growing in popularity.  

Cave diving is done in water filled caves. It is a form of underwater diving where you get the thrill of exploring a cave and the aquatic environment around it. It is also one of the dangerous forms of exploration in the world. There could be threats like running out of air or getting disoriented or lost in the cave. Ice diving is another form of scuba diving where you dive into the ice. It is a challenging and unusual kind of diving for people who love extreme sports. It is an adventurous sport where you get to see aquatic life in close quarters. Ice diving is more prominent in the arctic region where the water bodies are covered with snow. 

Water Sports Can Be Fun

Flyboard is a brand of equipment that lets the rider fly across the water while standing on it. It is a hydro flight device that supplies propulsion to drive the flyboard. The rider should stand on the board which will be connected to a water craft using a long hose. The pressure and thrust created by the jet nozzles will make the rider fly up to 15 meters in the air. Flow board is a board sport that accommodates the best of surfing, skateboarding, bodyboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding and wakeboarding. The event is done on artificial waves called sheet waves. The sport is also called flow riding. 

Kneeboarding is a sport where the rider kneels on a hydrodynamic board that will be towed by a motor boat. This sport is easier as it helps you balance and the gravity is low so falling will be less painful. It is also called a tow sport. Paddle Boarding is done on a paddle board in a swimming motion. The person will have to lie, kneel or stand on the board. It is performed on an open ocean where the participants paddle through the swells from one coastal region to another. 

Power boating is all about racing and speed. This is for people who enjoy the adrenaline pump and love speeding. It is also called speed boating or motor boating. Snorkelling is a sport where the person swims through the water fitted with a fin, diving mask and a snorkel. A snorkel is a hollow pipe or tube that helps the person breathe underwater.

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