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Extreme watersports you must try

Water Sports

Must try extreme watersports of a lifetime

Relaxing by a poolside or beach might be your idea of a perfect holiday, but have you ever thought of spending time on adventurous water sports ever? Those who love being in water must try some cool adventure water sports once in a lifetime. Some of these sports may not be only exhilarating, but might also be addictive once you experience the thrill of it. Here is a list of 10 super exciting water sports that you must try in a lifetime.

Top five adventure water activities

Scuba diving

For all the adventure seekers who wish to watch the life beneath the ocean, scuba diving might be your call. The thrill of diving and exploring the underwater world is indomitable for people who wish to witness the aesthetics beneath the ocean. Scuba diving is a popular extreme watersport in tropical vacation areas, where you might be allowed to explore the sea up to a limit. But in many cases, the scuba excursions also allow the in-depth explorations for diving groups. 

The scuba gears usually consist of a breathing apparatus, compressed air cylinders, masks, and fins. At times, a diver propulsion vehicle is also carried for external propulsion. The masks improve the underwater vision of the diver. Buoyancy regulating equipment and diving regulator to control the pressure of breathing gas are some other essential equipment carried by a scuba diver. The recreational scuba diving enthusiasts might require a minimum fitness and health level to experience this extreme watersport.

A Woman Wearing Swim Suit And Goggles For Scuba Diving.Snorkelling

Many confuse snorkelling for scuba diving as both watersports have many things in common. Snorkelling is also underwater diving that would take you to the world of underwater and satisfy your inner thrills. The only difference in Snorkeling is the absence of a compressed air cylinder used in scuba diving. Snorkelling gears consist of a diving mask with a tube or snorkel attached to it that helps the diver to breathe underwater. The sport requires the individuals to put their face underwater with the snorkel above the water. The movement of the divers is restricted as compared to that in a scuba dive. Available in most of the tropical vacation spots, this sport is far cheaper than scuba diving.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski might not look like an extreme watersport, but the attachments like a tube, fly bike or a Hydro fly can make your Jet Ski experience quite exciting. Jet Skis are widely available in most of the tourist destinations as rentals. You can even own a Jet Ski of your own and have an exciting race with your friends on the water. Jet Ski is typically the brand name of personal watercraft by the Japanese company, Kawasaki. The name is generally used for all the watercraft.

Fly Biking

Make your jet skiing experience more exciting by attaching a fly bike to your watercraft. Fly bikes are designed in the format of bikes that have skis instead of wheels. Once these are connected to the Jet Ski using a cord, you will be ready to glide through the water or fly in the air. Fly biking is an extreme watersport that can give you the thrills of rising to the air as well as swiftly gliding in the waters.

White water kayaking  

White water kayaking is an extreme water sport that can be a lifetime experience for those who are trying it for the first time. But before indulging in the activity, the sports enthusiasts are recommended to undergo proper training and safety guidelines. White water is a fast-moving stream of water that is shallow and rough. The sport requires the kayakers to strap themselves in the kayak and paddle through the sharp turns and splashes of the water streams. Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh and Haridwar are famous for these extreme water sports.

What other water sport activities can you indulge in?

White water rafting

White water rafting is quite similar to white water kayaking; the only difference is in the craft. The rafts are open boats that can accommodate a group of people along with an instructor. You may be given a life vest, single-bladed paddle and a hard hat during the expedition. The thrill of rafting with your peers can be a great experience and exhilarating.


This fantastic surfing format can give you a thrilling experience. The surfer on a wakeboard will be towed by a boat while holding a wire connected to the boat. While many choose to hold on, those wanting more thrills can do a lot of tricks. Wakeboarding is generally done in a lake or a bay.

Water Skiing

Water skiing can satisfy your craving for snow skiing in summers. This extreme sport is quite similar to wakeboarding with the only difference in the gear you might use. In water skiing, you will ride on a pair of skis instead of a wakeboard.


Yet another jet skiing experience, tubing sport consists of a tube that is connected to a watercraft, usually a jet ski or a small boat, by a rope. Most of these tubes are hot dogs or circular shaped.

High diving

High diving might not require you to carry gear but can give you the thrills of both height and deep-diving into the water. Though you can experience high diving in pools, the fun of diving from a high cliff would be indomitable.

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