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Water Sports Tips

All about the summer water safety precautions

Many people from Canada and all over the globe love to enjoy water activities like swimming, boating as what can be good that enjoying fresh air to overcome the scorching heat from the sun. One thing all the people have to pay attention to is most of the water-related events during the summer are fatal due to the improper practice of such events. We have also brought some of the best facts or the reasons for the cause of such fatal events by the health care experts Canadian Red Cross who have checked through the data of incidents of the last ten years.

The most common causes of fatal water incidents

One of the proven stats showcases that children of age group between one to four and men having the age of 15 to 44 have are the most considerable suspects or victims of water drowning cases resulting in the death of the victim. Also, the end arising out from drowning is one of the leading causes of deaths of children of age group between one and four in developed countries like Canada, which is also termed as unintentional or unwanted death. The small children are at high risks as they can fall easily from the boat and can drown quickly from head to toe in a few centimeters of water. The backyard pools have also witnessed some of the painful deaths of the little kids due to improper modes of crossing the lines of swimming. The children can not only die due to activities like boating and swimming, but also toddler pools, and a bathtub can be one of the paramount causes of their death.

Health risks to children during the drowning incidents

One can also never stay happy if, somehow, the child is rescued because there are high chances of brain damage due to the water infiltration, and hence the conditions can get worse if no acute medical care is provided to the child. The adults who are also rescued from drowning can be at varying risks of brain damage. The infants and toddlers have a high chance of drowning in the bathtubs while the youth and adults are at high risks of flooding in the broad and shallow water bodies. Alcohol consumption is one of the significant causes of adult drowning.

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