Atheletes playing basket ball

How Can Blood Tests Help Athletes Perform Better?

Blood testing in Sports A blood test is required for screening, intervention, trend detection, and seasonal pattern detection. Blood tests are effective and necessary for athletes’ well-being. An athlete’s blood is analysed primarily for anti-doping purposes, iron levels, hydration, glucose content, and lactate levels, among other reasons. Testing athletes’ blood can boost performance, facilitate recovery, […]

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A public swimming pool with swimmers

Tips To Design A Public Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Types And Construction Methods A feasibility study is essential to the success of any pool renovation or new construction project. Before making a final decision on how to proceed, pool facility owners must consider several factors. The involvement of the aquatic operator is critical in the decision-making process. The aquatic manager’s job is […]

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Three kids are shown in the picture playing with a ball in a swimming pool

Water Adventure And Activities For School Trips

Swimming, water sports, and other water activities are popular amongst all of us. But many people drown in shallow water in rivers and lakes due to mishandling the fun. Every ten minutes, a child drowns in the United States, and another five children are treated for injuries. Therefore, CBSE schools in Chennai ( are taking […]

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A swimming teacher is giving instructions. 7 children are sitting by the poolside in swimming costume with their feet in water. 2 children are in pool.

Why Should You Make Swimming A Part Of School Curriculum?

Swimming is a great form of exercise for people of all ages. Incorporate it into the school curriculum to help students develop their character and establish other routines. Swimming is a critical safety-related skill set that everyone should learn. It can help reduce the risk of death to a significant degree and therefore make a […]

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Time Management Strategies for Successful water sport instructor.

Tips To Be A Successful Water Sports Instructor: Time Management Strategies

Time management is a key aspect of coaching. It is also one of the most challenging aspects to master. A coach’s ability in time management is crucial to create a successful program. According to the adage, “Time is money.” It’s a common saying. This adage is more applicable when it comes to running a business. […]

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A Woman Having Fun In Water Skating.

Are You Ready For Some Extreme Water Sports?

Activity, Adrenaline, Adventure! Adventurous people are of two kinds: the ones who like lazing around near the pool or near a calm beach, watching the charming sunset and calling it a day. AND, the ones who like to take things overboard and feel the adrenaline coursing through their bodies.  Which one are you? If you […]

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The Best Water Sports For Kids Of Different Age Groups

Water Sports : Why Are They Important? Sports hardly come with adverse effects or disadvantages. The only probable downside of sports are the physical injuries that are part and parcel of the activities.  Water is a great turf for children to explore.  It is challenging, exciting, and a superb way to keep the body and […]

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