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Best adventure sports in Chennai

Water Sports

Water sports activities in Chennai

Chennai is popular for various adventure sports such as scuba diving, canoeing, paragliding, paramotoring, ATV rides, rock climbing, cycling, paintball, laser tag, surfing, mountain camping, trekking and many more. 

Being the capital town of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has several activities where locals and tourists can indulge in. It is filled with restaurants, clubs, parks, beaches, and many more. If you want to indulge in water activities in Chennai, surely, you have a lot of options and there is no chance for disappointment. Some of the beach towns such as Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram have sufficient water sports opportunities. 

No matter, if you wish to try banana boat riding, go scuba diving, or surfing, you will find all nearby Chennai. We have picked some of the best activities you should plan when you visit Chennai.

List of water sports activities to try in Chennai

Scuba diving: The gorgeous coastline of Chennai remains favorable for scuba diving. It is the reason why several tour operators initiate scuba diving facilities at the top beaches in Chennai. However, if you want to enjoy a great scuba diving or explore the undersea experience, you should visit the famous Covelong Beach, Chennai. This beach offers the best scuba diving practices in South India. The best part of Covelong Beach is the water is clear as crystal and you can see lovely underwater flora and old shipwrecks.

Parasailing: If you are looking for a challenging sport, you need to try parasailing. You will be held high on the boats off the shore of Cove and Marina beaches. It is an adventurous sport popular among tourists. It can be tried either with your partner or solo. The cost of a twenty-minute parasailing ride is INR 700. If you are a person who is scared of heights, we recommend not to indulge in this ride. Marina and Cove beaches are the best water sports destinations where you can try parasailing.

Surfing: It is completely fun and thrilling to surf along with the strong tides at Covelong Beach. As you hit the waves every time, you will feel some excitement popping in yourself. Do not think that it is only for professionals or experts. You can enroll in surfing classes in Covelong and master the sport before trying on your own.

Places to learn and indulge in water sport in Chennai

Wildertrails adventure club: It offers a wide range of adventure activities you always thought of doing. Moreover, the club organizes cycling treks, jungle rides, camps, treks, etc. It trains children and youngsters to face outside risks. As it is not only for young groups, even grandparents and parents can join to explore the wild and see the thrill-seeking adventurer within them.

Covelong: Covelong village is famous for its pristine beach and numerous water sports activities. It is an excellent destination where you can excuse yourself from the regular daily routines. Covelong has calm waters and is best for learning several water activities. It is a tiny fishing village located 40 KMS from Chennai on the route to Mahabalipuram – East Coast Road.

Pichavaram: Situated close to Chidambaram (Cuddalore district), Pichavaram is said to be the second biggest mangrove woodland in the world. It is popular for its ecotourism. It has lovely backwaters that are associated with Coleroom and the Vellar river system. This serene and small town is located 280 KM from the south part of Chennai. It is popular for thrilling activities and water sports such as canoeing, rowing, parasailing, and more. If you want to reach by train, you can reach Chidambaram as it is the closest railway station from Pichavaram. 

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