Group of Kids Playing With Water Toys.

Important water toys and accessories

Watersports and must-have water sport accessories Water sports are becoming an extremely fun invoking and highly entertaining recreational activity. People are keen on spending their hard-earned vacations to be fun-filled, and watersports offer the right medium for the adventurists. Whether it is a turbulent or roaring sea for the adventurers or tranquil blue waters for […]

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An Image Of Essential Gadgets That Required For Boating.

Necessary Safety Gadgets Needed During Boating

Marine Law requires that a boat must carry equipment required for boating safety along with the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. The following requirements are also to be included at a bare minimum. Life jacket or flotation device taken according to the size of the passengers in the boat A 15 meter length buoyant heaving line […]

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Image That Shows A Group of People Enjoying Adventurous Boat Ride..

Impact of GST Rates on Water Sports Appliances

Find Out What It Takes Before You Take A Plunge Water sports have gradually become a favored fitness and adventure activity in India. If you believe you have all that it takes, then you can even consider a full-time career in it. In any case, irrespective of whether you want temporary joy or professional accomplishment, […]

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