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Impact of GST Rates on Water Sports Appliances

Water Sports

Find Out What It Takes Before You Take A Plunge

Water sports have gradually become a favored fitness and adventure activity in India. If you believe you have all that it takes, then you can even consider a full-time career in it. In any case, irrespective of whether you want temporary joy or professional accomplishment, paying attention to your safety is essential. You must enjoy yourself without being at risk.

Trainers and protectors

Availability of necessary safety gear and accurate knowledge about using them is an integral aspect of water sports. And you must take it seriously if you do not want to compromise your well-being. You might try your hand at river-rafting, scuba diving, kayaking or even surfing if you learn the intricacies and nuances of these sports.

However, when you are a beginner, you will require skilled trainers who will familiarize you with the nitty-gritty of these arts. They will also protect you before you develop the skills to manage things yourself.

Life jackets are must-haves

Image That Represents The Water Sports Aids & Equipments.You should not participate in water sports without a life jacket. It does not matter whether you are an expert swimmer or a novice in this art- things can get out of your control. A high-quality jacket can make sure that you are away from danger.

Harnesses and helmets

The use of harnesses and helmets may not always be necessary. But if you are feeling adventurous and want to dip your beak in kayaking or snorkeling, these pieces of equipment will be your best friends. Do not step out onto the battlefield unless you have these buddies by your side.

Maps and first aid kits

How can you forget these? Despite best efforts on your part to keep yourself safe, you may end up in a soup. You might get cuts and bruises unexpectedly. So, how will you deal with it because you might not reach a doctor soon? A first aid kit will be a godsend in such a situation. Check Out – about some of the safety appliances in water sports.

You may also lose sight of your destination and drift to unknown shores. While that proved to be a blessing in disguise for Columbus, it may not be the same in your case. So, carry a map and make sure you don’t get lost. Before that, you must ensure you know how to read it!

GST Registration- Because Safety Comes at A Cost

Taxation on sports goods has always been a debatable topic. Luckily, most regimes have adopted a relatively lenient approach towards the sports goods industry. But, the advent of GST has turned heads and stirred emotions in all nooks and corners- sporting goods businesses haven’t been an exception. The validity of these reactions is unquestionable to the core. GST has simplified things by creating one GST registration in place of multiple taxations, but the situation isn’t that simple.

GST Registration Text That Written In A Green Background.

The glumness isn’t without reasons

VAT rates for sports equipment never exceeded a menial 5 percent. The GST Council has declared taxation at the rate of 12 percent for sporting goods. Is it fair? Well, to answer a question with another- Can a hike of more than a hundred percent on taxes within a year be reasonable? Of course, not- It can’t be justified by any stretch of imagination or logic. Honestly, the elasticity of these abstract commodities is hardly elastic, to begin with.

The frequent meetings of the GST Council must address this issue at the earliest. Manufacturers, traders, and retailers in the sporting goods industry are already finding this bitter pill extremely hard to swallow. The future does not look bleak, but it surely appears uncertain. A redressal is necessary.

Turn your worries into dust

Despite the increase in prices of water sports equipment because of heavy taxation, sales have not undergone a dip. This is a precise reflector of the popularity of water sports in India. People are always ready to shell out the big bucks for things which they deem worthy. Unsurprisingly, water sports, and the necessary equipment have proven their worth.

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