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Is Your Smile Safe This Sports Season?


How To Protect Your Smile This Sports Season?

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, and athletes need to maintain their teeth to compete in this prestigious competition. An athlete’s oral health can become seriously harmed during the winter if proper care is not taken. Therefore, athletes need to have their teeth checked regularly to protect them from decay and damage. Moreover, best practices must be followed for teeth whitening, hygiene, and dental checkups to avoid sensitive teeth.

This article will look at a few important tips from the dentists of a top dental hospital in Gowrivakkam on how athletes should maintain their oral health during this winter season. Find out more here.

Before we get to tips, here’s a brief overview of how winter affects athletes in different sports.

Winter Sports That May Be Harmful To Your Smile

In the winter, cold air can irritate sensitive teeth. Sports that involve high contact can worsen the condition. Some sports may increase your chances of being injured this winter. They are:

  • Even though sledging is not a high-contact sport, injury possibilities are higher in this sport.
  • Snowboarding and skiing are winter sports with a high incidence of injury.
  • High-contact sports like basketball can cause dental injuries. In fact, basketball has one of the highest rates of dental injuries among all sports.
  • Hockey players must wear mouthguards to protect their teeth, gums, and tongue.
  • Skiing, ice skating and snowboarding, are other sports that can increase the chances of injury
  • Wrestling is yet another high contact sport that can cause facial injuries,
  • Figure skaters are exposed to temperatures below freezing, which can cause sensitive teeth discomfort.

In high-contact sports, mouth injuries are common. Wearing a mouthguard is recommended. As a matter of fact, the best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam suggests wearing mouthguards for all winter sports for various reasons. Here is a brief insight into why mouthguards are an essential requirement for winter sports.

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The Importance Of Winter Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards are always recommended when participating in any sport that could cause facial injury. When grappling or pinning, a mouth guard is the best way to protect your teeth. Dentists often fabricate custom mouthguards to fit the athlete’s specific mouth and teeth needs.

Mouthguards are available in three configurations: pre-assembled, boil-and-bite, and custom-fit. These appliances are more durable and comfortable than other options. Custom fitting mouthguards are essential to protect the teeth and the brain from concussions when participating in sports.

Pediatric dentistry is also involved in designing custom mouthguards for kids and helping them develop teamwork skills and physical endurance. A mouth guard for your kids has a few additional options, including using a knife or scissors to make adjustments. Mouth-adapted mouthguards are made of a thermoplastic material that is heated and manipulated to fit the mouth. Mouthguards for kids also protect their teeth, tongue, and lips.

Tips For Common Winter Mouth Woes

The start of a chilly month can cause tooth sensitivity and crack. Winter makes your teeth more sensitive and hence, makes it essential to care more. Here are a few tips.

  • Brush with a soft bristle brush
  • Winter is the perfect time for drinking hot chocolate, but only in moderation
  • Water helps to protect your teeth by removing bacteria from your mouth and producing saliva.
  • Colder temperatures can affect your mouth and teeth, so keep your lips moist to prevent tooth sensitivity and dry mouth.
  • Fluoride toothpaste should be used for sensitive teeth. Cold temperatures, air, and wind can also cause discomfort.
  • To avoid chapped lips and dry mouth, use desensitizing toothpaste and keep your skin moisturized.
  • X-rays can help identify problems with wisdom teeth that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
  • Finally, to keep your teeth in good shape during the winter, visit your dentist twice a month and have your teeth checked more frequently during the winter.

Wrapping up:

Winter sports are fast approaching, so athletes should make an extra effort to take care of their oral health. Make your sports participation a success by utilizing the tips above and by taking the precautions mentioned here!

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