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Water playthings such as motor based toys, inflatables, wakeboards, etc., are used by many during summers. But there are also many water related issues that arise year after year. Many people die due to incidents that occur due to paddle-boats and many who were power boats towed during water skiing or tubing. There are a number who have died due by using water playthings such as raft, pool noodles, inflatables, etc.

Guidance in Using Water Toys for Recreational Purpose

Playmate is Important

It is essential to always go into the water with another person who is also a swimmer. Children must be accompanied by adults. Water Playthings are safer to use with adult supervision.

Double Check Weather Condition

Condition of both weather and water is to be checked before beginning an activity so as to avoid any hazardous situation causing hindrance to the activity.

Adult Supervision

Children fatalities are caused due to lack of adult supervision. It is important to keep an eye on children when they are in water, irrespective of whether they know swimming or not. A close distance should be maintained so as to avoid any trouble.

Lifejackets are mandatory

All non-swimmers should mandatorily wear lifejackets for protection. Lifejackets will help control the child’s unexpected fall into water but they cannot be used in place of adult supervision.

Never give into peer pressure

Persuading unsafe ways of behaviour is caused due to peer pressure. Persuasion to commit any dangerous acts without proper training must be avoided.

All playthings should be removed from water

Water Playthings that cause attraction, leading the child into a pool must be removed from the water while coming out so as to avoid any child falling in trying to take the toys.

Advice on Employing Water Playthings

  • Towing ropes must be checked regularly for wear and tear.
  • It is mandatory to wear the right size life jacket which is approved.
  • Using two people to do the roles of a driver and spotter is needed.
  • Pre-planned hand gestures are to be exercised.

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