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Tips to Safeguard Children from Drowning

Water Sports Tips

Every child is taught at a very young age how to be safe, to stop and look on either sides for cars or traffic in the streets before proceeding, so as to cross with safety. Though these lessons are taught, no adult leaves the child unattended to play in the streets. When it comes to swimming, the Canadians Red Cross do not agree to the fact that a child will be able to float with their backs in water and safeguard themselves from drowning. They still believe that adult supervision is required.

Recently a statement was released by Canadian Paediatric Society for children between the age of two to four, that swimming lessons help stop children of this age from drowning. It is possible to make infants learn the water based motor skills but it is hard to expect them to learn the safety aspects of water and take necessary actions in case of hazardous situations. Children of preschool age are not considered safe in water.

Surveyed Drowning Stats of Toddlers

Canadian Red Cross has collected all the data since the year 1991 of all the different water drownings and has arrived at the conclusion that toddlers and infants, below the age of 5 drown due to lack of adult supervision. It is very significant to be vigilant and it is the key to safety. Knowing the whereabouts of one’s own child is very important at every given time. Keeping in mind that dangerous situations can appear at any point in time and thus barriers to safeguard the child from water is to be created. All likeliness of the child having access to hazardous situations is to be reduced.

Points to note During Swimming Lesson for a Child

The child should enjoy the activities in water and develop a liking for it. The child should also be given the knowledge of skills and safety while acquiring the lessons of swimming. Making sure there is four-sided fencing around the pool. A gate that self closes and latches itself has to be maintained in a regular manner. The fences around the pool have to be high enough and any object that can be used as a ladder should be kept away from the fences. The pool deck has to be kept clean to stop the child from playing alongside the pool. The first lesson to be taught to the child is to tell them that the adults get into the water first followed by them. It is very important to keep up the promise of taking the child to swimming lessons.

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