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Categories and Types of Water Sports

Water Sports Types

Water sports are usually carried out on the water. People who are adventurous are involved in water-based sports. It is absolute fun for children and even adults to participate in recreational watersports like snorkelling and parasailing. There are several health benefits of getting involved in watersports. There are several diverse options of watersport, and this makes the sport exciting and fun filled. Watersports can be categorised based on its purpose. The following gives a glimpse of the list of watersports and the categories to which it belongs.

Water Sports – Team Based

It is categorised as team-based watersport as a group of people are involved in it. This team-based water sport is usually included in the championship events that take place all over the world. Some of the team-based or competitive water sports are listed below.

Rafting: It is a water sport where a group of people make use of inflatable rafts on vigorous water to navigate down the river.

Synchronised Diving: A group of people dive into the water at the same time. They must perform difficult acrobatic moves while diving into the water.

Synchronised swimming: In this water sport, a group of swimmers perform a blend of swimming, gymnastics and dance moves in the water. The elaborate moves of the swimmers are expected to be in a synchronised routine. Timing and breath control are critical aspects of this team-based water sport.

Water Surfing Image of A Man Experiencing In The Ocean.Water Sports – Individual

The following watersports involve individual performers proving their skills on the waters. Individual participants of this type of water sport must be strong and determined.

Swimming: It is an individual water sport which is popular all over the world. In this sport, the swimmer must reach the finish line before his/her opponents.

Surfing: In this water sport a surfer makes use of a surfboard to ride through the waves of a sea, ocean or a river. Windsurfing and kite surfing are some of the notable types of surfing watersport.

Skiing: This is a water sport which is usually carried out on the surface of the water. Usually, an individual involved in skiing is pulled behind a cable ski installation over the surface of the water. Some of the types of skiing are cable skiing, jet skiing, barefoot skiing.

Water Sports – Recreational

It is a type of water sport which is carried out for fun. Recreational water sports are popular in tourist destinations. Some of the popular recreational water sport activities are listed below.

Snorkelling: It is an under-water sport, the swimmer or tourist makes use of a diving mask, snorkelling tube and fins to swim through the body of water. Tourists perform snorkelling to witness coral reefs, marine plants and fishes under the surface of the water.

Parasailing: It is a breathtaking watersport where the tourist can enjoy the spectacular scenery of a sea or ocean by travelling in a parachute which is usually tied to a boat.

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