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What to Know about Snowmobiling on Ice?

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Snowmobiles are very popular and are also one of the most adventurous activities in the world. It is a vehicle of high-speed that makes its operation in dangerous natural environments. Though it is known for its extremely fun and adventurous features, it has another dark side for its credit. The riders are always at the risk of injuries, due to immersion and collisions in ice-cold water. The injuries are rated from mild to major and sometimes it causes even death.

Fact check on Snowmobiling on ice

  • The death-related case is known to be approximately 398 reported cases from the past 20 years, whereas the unreported deaths may be higher.
  • Large numbers of people aged 20-25 have been reported of death due to snowmobile.
  • Most of the time, the reason for death reported is alcohol consumption, going on and off-road, not wearing safety features and traveling on ice.
  • Deaths include 46% of people dying because of falling on open holes in the ice, whereas 42% after falling on thin ice.

Tips to snowmobile safely

  • Always ensure wearing safety equipment and check the terrain conditions before snowmobiling.
  • The area must be surveyed and avoid danger spots.
  • Do not snowmobile in the dark.
  • Safety equipment must include a helmet, a flotation device and the right clothing to avoid hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Also make sure to carry a rope, ice picks, first aid kit, and cell phone in a waterproof container, candles and flashlight, lighter, survival blanket, a mini snack and anything you may feel necessary.
  • If you are tired and exhausted, do not snowmobile.
  • Alcohol must not be consumed during or before snowmobiling.

The condition of the ice must be at least 25 cm thick

  • Ice formed on the open water is never safe. It is 100% dangerous.
  • Ensure to follow the signboards on ice for it is only for your safety reasons.
  • Double-check with local authorities to start with a snowmobile.
  • Make sure that the ice is uniformed and even. Avoid places where it has tides or currents.
  • The ice which is clear and blue in color is the safest. Grey is an unsafe one because it shows a water presence on it.
  • Never snowmobile on those places where the ice has been newly formed, thawed or refrozen.
  • The conditions of ice change at a very fast pace. So, ensure to check the condition from time to time.

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