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Best Jeju Island Water Activities in summer

Water Sports

Are you planning to visit Jeju Island in the summer? It indeed will be the best trip of your life for it is beautified by emerald waters beautifully protected by white sands of the beach. To make the best of your holiday in Korea’s Jeju Island, ensure to try out these thrilling water sports activities.

  • Jeju Island offers the best experience in Scuba Diving

The island is not only beautiful from the outside, but also underwater too. It offers a unique and mind-blowing picture of the underwater world. The best view it offers is near the Seongsan ilchulbong which is also popularly known as the Sunrise Peak.

If you are disappointed about not having a diving certificate, worry not as it also offers training for the freshers. The training is given by a professional who is guided in English also.

  • A lovely walk in the Underwater Sea Walking

How about walking underwater surrounded by beautiful sea creatures and exploring the ocean ground? It sounds magical as you can actually take the magic walk-in Jeju Island’s ocean water. The best part is you can learn and also feed the fishes underwater. It is absolutely safe as you will be provided with bathing suits and a helmet.

  • Stand and Paddle your way in the open sea

Where else can you enjoy the marvelous view of land and ocean together? Paddling in the clear waters of the island while enjoying the beauty encircling you is one of the travelers’ dreams come true. The water is very clean and beautiful which is beautifully safeguarded by the trees and mountains of the islands nearby. If you have not tried paddling, then this is the right time and place for you to paddle with your dream.

  • Jeju Island has the best Surfing experience ever

Jeju Island is very popular for its beautiful beaches and surfing on these beautiful beaches is indeed a dream for many travelers. The best place to surf is the Jungmun Saekdal Beach and lho Tewoo Beach.

If you are new in the surfing world, you can also take up Surfing lessons to get the best of the Surfing beach.

  • Relax and chill while Kayaking

You can simply relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Jeju Island while Kayaking. It is a perfect activity to enjoy and admire nature. The best-recommended places are Hado Beach and Woljeongri Beach.

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