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Adventurous Water Sports of Goa

Water Sports Tips

If you find yourself in the thrilling land of Goa, then make sure to get the best of everything there, for you will be amazed to know as what awaits you. It has so many exciting activities that will definitely make your trip run short of days. Take a look at some of the best water sports that you must never fail to try in Goa.

  • Discover the hidden beauty through Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving will introduce you to an entirely different world of the waters. You will be delighted to see the beauties of enormous coral reefs and also underwater life. It is no doubt, the most thrilling sport in Goa, as you will never know what surprises awaits you at the bottom of the sea. The best places to try are the Netrani Islands Pigeon Island, St.George islands and Grande islands.

  • Experience the Adeline rush by riding White Water Rafting

Now, this is the perfect sport for the daredevils. This water sport will surely nerve your hair up for you will witness the extreme rafting experience. It not only thrills you up but also, you will be treated with the beautiful lush trees and vegetation encircling it. The best place to try is the Tilari River and Mhadei River. Since this is a wild sport, it is highly recommended to wear a safety lifejacket and follow the instructions correctly.

  • Drive your way in the waters in Jet Skiing

Flaunting your driving skills on the road? Why not try it differently in the water now. You can glide your way and race against time in the Arabian Sea waters with no soul to stop your speed. It is the most popular and exciting sport in Goa where even the starters can enjoy its adventure. Make sure to glide in the waters of Candolim, Colva, Mobor, and Calangute.

  • Go banana with Banana Tube Boat Ride

How about having a thrilling experience at the same time as friends? Try out the Banana tube boat ride with your friends while holding tight to one another and trying hard not to flip over. It is the funniest and also the easiest ride in Goa where you will surely fall tummy sick laughing and having fun in the ride. It races against the waves of the ocean giving you the rare opportunity to admire the beautiful waters and its encircling places.

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