Best Water sports in Goa

Water Sports

Do you usually dream about those breezy beaches, lengthy coastline, and the sparkling skies, then it sure is Goa. The beautiful Goa is calling you, for it wants you to experience and explore the water adventure it holds within. No matter whether you are a first-timer or an adventurous person, you will surely fall in love with Goa for it has something adventurous for everyone.

When the talk is about Goa, the first thing that comes to mind is the water-related activities. It has so many to offer from banana rides to water skiing which will make you cherish for a lifetime. So, if you are in Goa, make sure to try these activities for you will never regret it in your life.

  • Kneeboarding is the right activity for the starters

The first activity you must try is Kneeboarding. It is just the right activity for the starters as it demands less balanced focus. It is also the most thrilling activity in Goa. The best place to try is on the Mobor beach, Candolim beach and Rajbaga beach in Goa. October to June is considered the finest month to try Kneeboarding but one must be sure to listen to the instructor carefully before trying out the activity.

  • Kayaking perfect to spend some calm time

This water sport is more of an explorer sport than an adventure one. It is best suited for those who prefer to spend some calm and lone time paddling in the waters of mangroves, Dona Paula and Hollant beach. The best time to try this activity is during the month of October to May. You can paddle away your time romantically exploring the hidden beauty of Goa while making some very cherished moments to last your lifetime.

  • Wakeboarding will make your way through the waters

A perfect sport for the daredevils, Wakeboarding will bring out the entire beasty beast in you. You can experience the water splitting and race against you in this adventurous sport. It is very similar to water skiing but is played on one board. Make sure to try this ravishing sport in the waters of Mabor beach, Candolim beach and Rajbaga beach.

  • Windsurfing, a unique sport in its own kind

This is an extremely exciting and thrilling sport of Goa. It is a combination of sailing and surfing at one time, racing against the waters of the Arabian Sea. You will be thrilled to move with the winds and in no time you can master controlling the board.

Make sure to try these sports, else you will have to regret it later for life.

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