What Are The Different Types Of Water Sports?


A water sport is a game that is carried out in or on water. Lots of people are now engaging themselves in various water games that bring lots of fun. The following are some of the water sports that attract large audience.

  •         Surfing- These are water games that are played with equipments like the surfboards which are usually rode in breaking waves at an erect position. The surfers surf in water sources like ocean, river and man-made wave setups. They slide on the waves till it reduces its energy.
  •         Sailing- It is a sport in which boats are sailed on calm water bodies which move forward using the power of wind. You can also operate these boats on ice. These boats are navigated according to the directions of wind.
  •         Swimming- It can both be an individual or a team sport. In these types of sports, people will have to use their arms and legs to move forward in flowing waters. It is usually carried out in pools or in open space natural waters. Swimming helps you to keep your body fit and healthy.
  •         Wind Surfing- It combines two components namely sailing and surfing. These sports include surfboards which are attached to poles that at the top. The surfer should sail according to the direction of waves and winds.
  •         Jet Skiing- Jet Ski is a small automobile which resembles a normal motorbike. It is operated by a jet engine that moves in water.
  •         Wake Boarding- It is also referred to as Cable Wake Boarding. People surf when the high-speed boats are towed. These sports originated by combining water skiing, surfing and snowboarding techniques.
  •         Water Skiing- It is also referred as Cable Skiing. The participants of these sports will be pulled behind by a boat or cable ski which is operated on the waters.
  •         Kite Surfing- It is also referred as Kite Boarding or Sky Boarding. Here a small surfboard is pulled upwards by means of a kite. You have to make sure you know the appropriate techniques to operate and have control over the water.
  •         Skim Boarding- Skim boarding greatly resemble the surfing sport. It is also referred to as Skimming. Here a skim board (which is smaller and doesn’t have fins) is used to slide on the surfaces of water to face the breaking waves.
  •         Body Boarding- It is a water game in which the surfer drives the board on any part of the body which moves the surfer to the shore. It is also referred as Boogie Boarding. These boards use the fins to have control over the waves.
  •         Cliff Diving- It is considered to be one of the least complicated water sports. You need not require any specific equipment, clothes or technique for this sport. You just have to use your body to sail through the air while jumping down from a reasonable height.
  •         Scuba Diving- Everybody wishes to discover and explore the deep seas. This sport will help you have an amazing experience under water by using gas cylinders/breathing apparatus which help you hold your breath for longer periods of time.

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