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People living in areas where there are high snowfall chances will surely love to enjoy daily recreational activities like ice hunting or ice fishing during the course of winter. We have brought one sad fact to notice that almost 22% of people who die every year in the ice where involved in activities like fishing while hunting also emerged as a cause of death for 9% of people during winter. The following sad fact is the sum of the percentage of people who died by drowning in the cold water is 12%. The recreational activities can offer some of the best quality time with kith and kin, but with small mistakes or ignorant exercise can risk up the lives. Therefore we have brought here some of the best tips which every responsible individual must follow while enjoying activities like ice hunting and ice fishing.

Why is it so important to check the quality of the ice?

One can never trust the thickness of the ice as it can break anytime and result in falling the bitterly cold water leading to death by breath and cardiac arrest. One must also check for any boards or signs that the ice is weak for the performance of any activities while checking for the thickness of the ice. One should not even walk on the ice where there are open holes, for example, in lakes and rivers, which can be risky. It is also recommended to walk on the ice only during the day time because one cannot predict the conditions during the night because of low visibility in the region. One can also fall into open holes due to lack of profile during the night; hence it is better to avoid the night activities on the ice.

Always have companions around for any emergency

One should also have some knowledge about the currents and tides as the areas of the ice can be thick at some point while being a small scale of covering on the other. To avoid any unpleasant event, one should always have a companion on their side who can perform the immediate rescue when any such unpleasant incident occurs. One can also take help from people who are professional ice fishers as they know the right strategies to perform the rescue operation.

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