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Sports Period Are Occupied to Complete Syllabus

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In Chennai, the education systems are well organized and highly challenging. The city has a combination of new and old schools teaching quality education by joining traditional values with latest teaching styles.

Sports as stress buster

In recent years, sports classes are not allotted or allowed by government-aided schools and Central Board of Secondary Education. It is in danger situation and has been slowly disappearing as teachers are using sports class hours to complete their syllabus. When you see a time table of DAV Girls School – Class XI- you will find PT period for Fridays and Mondays timetable. Teachers who wish to complete their syllabus will use the PT period and finish the syllabus. As a result, the student will not be allowed for PT class. They will continue reading the syllabus books and keep preparing for forthcoming exams. It is how in recent years, sports classes or hours are utilized.

Students who have the potential to be athletes will now return home with lots of homework. As they are not given time for practice or play, their entire sports talent gets affected. There will be no sports activities in the forthcoming years. When discussed this issue with teachers, they say that they are using sports hours to complete their syllabus.

The teachers can complete the syllabus by conducting extra classes instead of utilizing sports session. It means they can stay extra hours at school and teachers can complete the syllabus. This way, their sports period will not get affected and at the same time, the students will have enough time to explore their skills and talents in sports. It is hard for children to focus only on studies when they are not offered any sports sessions. Several educational authorities have taken action against schools that are taking classes in PT period. They were advised not to touch PT hours just to complete the syllabus.

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